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Octagon Barn Inside
Shed & Courtyard Outdoor Venue

The Octagon Barn & Plaza

5,000 Sq Ft – Semi-Indoors
200 Person Capacity
12-Hour Rental + Drop-Off Day

 The Octagon Barn provides a beautiful historic space to celebrate a larger event, whether a wedding, fundraiser, or concert. The Barn includes expansive open space with 45 ft ceilings, concrete floors, several lighting options, and multiple entry points.

The Plaza is the perfect space to host a cocktail hour or gather before entering the Barn. The picnic tables, and Adirondack chairs elevate the space. Accessible to vendor vehicles, enjoy a food truck, ice cream, or even a VW bus photo booth within this space.

On the National Register of Historic Places, the Octagon Barn provides the perfect San Luis Obispo location to celebrate any occasion.

The Courtyard & Shed

3,600 Sq Ft – Outdoors
200 Person Capacity
8-Hour Rental

The Courtyard is a beautifully landscaped space with pavers and ample coverage from the elements. With a built in sound system, the number of external vendors needed for an event in the space are minimized.

The Shed provides additional coverage with a Breezeway connecting the Courtyard to the Plaza. In additon, the space includes a green room/bridal suite and indoor catering/storage space.

Birthday parties, cocktail hours, auctions, and wedding ceremonies come together perfectly in this space even with limited vendors and decor.

The Milking Parlor

2,200 Sq Ft – Indoors
100 Person Capacity
8-Hour Rental (hourly options available)

The Milking Parlor is a fully indoor space offering both heating and air conditioning. The space is set up for business events with specialty meeting tables and padded chairs, as well as a full audio visual system. The audio visual system includes a projector and screen, microphones, and full sound system. In addition, the space includes a kitchenette with fridge, microwave, sink and prep space available.

Whether hosting a business event or birthday party, wedding ceremony, or baby shower, the Milking Parlor is the perfect indoor space to accommodate any group.



Weddings book as full facility rentals and include 12-hours the day of your event plus an additional 8-hours the day before for setup in the Octagon Barn. Vendors may drop off rentals on Friday prior to the event and pickup on the Monday after.

Custom packages available upon request.

Included In All Rentals

All Octagon Barn Center rentals include the following –

  • Exclusive use of the Center during guest hours
  • Staff onsite throughout to support your event
  • Restroom facilities including men’s & women’s restroom with multiple stalls each
  • 110 parking spaces
  • Included materials
    • 72″ round tables
    • bentwood chairs
    • 6′ tables
    • 32″ round high top tables
    • umbrellas
    • outdoor heaters
    • Adirondack lounge chairs
    • bar/podium
    • padded chairs (for use in Milking Parlor only)
    • meeting tables (for use in Milking Parlor only)
    • trash cans & bags
    • cleaning supplies

For more information, please complete our Inquiry Form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


  1. What are next steps if I am interested in booking? Please complete our Inquiry Form and expect a response within 2-3 days. Venue management will provide availability, pricing, and schedule a tour. After a tour, a booking form is sent over for completion, followed by the contract and invoice.
  2. How do I secure my event date? We require a signed contract and 50% deposit to book. Final payment is due 30-days before the event. A fully refundable security deposit is collected for any time the renter and/or vendors are onsite.
  3. Are there charges to rent the tables and chairs? Materials are included in the rental rate with the exception of the heaters. Use of the heaters costs $100 to cover the cost of propane. Materials are available in as-is condition. Reach out for more information on quanities. Final quantities are available 30-days before the event.
  4. Are there alcohol requirements? The venue is not associated with a restaurant or winery. You may bring in your own alcohol, however, shots are not allowed. A licensed and insured bartender is required for all alcohol service and an event liability policy must be submitted with liquor liability coverage.
  5. What vendors are required? Requirements vary depending on the event, however, many events require a coordinator, security guard, and licensed and insured bartender.
  6. Can we bring in our own vendors? Venue managment will provide a preferred vendor list. If you choose a vendor not on the list, management must approve the vendor and vendor must be able to provide liability insurance. For larger vendor categories (caterer, coordinator, installs, etc.), new vendors must schedule a tour with the venue to review plans and review expectations.
  7. Can we have candles? We welcome LED and other battery powered candles. The Octagon Barn Center is a non-smoking venue. Catering setups with cooking must be 20+ feet away from any structure.
  8. What hours can we book? Full Facility and Octagon Barn rentals are 12-hour rentals while Courtyard & Shed and Milking Parlor rentals are 8-hours. Additional hours can be purchased at an hourly rate. All amplified sound must be turned off at 10 pm and the property is locked by 11 pm.

Note: Details above for informational purposes only and do not supercede an event contract. 

Photos: @loveridge_familyphotography & others

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